You try to avoid further reducing the price of your home. Normal. And that you have already tried all the real estate portals, from Habitaclia to Idealista. You even had the brilliant idea of publishing your ad on foreign websites, and in other languages, to expand your audience among the wealthiest Europe.

But the phone still does not ring, and the voices on the other side sound cold, suspicious, speculating. You do not perceive the passionate tone of who has just fallen in love with the photos.

But, wait a moment! Is that not it? Does your apartment or house have the appearance of a place that you would fall in love at first sight?

Check out the photos again. Forget it’s yours. Contemplate the painting, the floors, the state of the installations … Now, visit it with critical eyes and pay attention to everything: is it clean? Do the switches seem new? Do you want to use the faucet? Or to change it?

You finally understood the problem. Not you, it’s me: appearances. Ah, always appearances!

And here, we learn a little pronounced word in our country, but that has been operating for decades in North America and some parts of Europe (also to the north, why?) …

Home Staging, more than a facelift ..

This strategy of real estate revaluation tries to condition a house so that it sells as quickly as possible and at the best price. It highlights your strengths and minimizes the weaknesses. Improves your appearance and perception of qualities. It is not a matter of hiding defects, but of fixing them.

With the team of Home Staging Costa Brava we help sell or rent your house in the shortest possible time and at the best price. With little investment your home will be rented or sold quickly.

Do not hesitate to consult us about this service, and rely on this new marketing technique on the Costa Brava and used in many countries.

Have a look: