Certificate of occupancy

The certificate of occupancy is the document through which the seller or buyer of a property is guaranteed that it meets all the necessary conditions to be inhabited.

In Emporda Immo – luxury real estate we take care of all the paperwork to obtain this certificate, as quickly as possible so you can enjoy your property as soon as possible.

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What does our management of Cédula de Habitabilidad consist of?

In addition to certifying that the building is habitable, the habitability certificate also has the function of ensuring the soundness of the property and to monitor that the conditions continue to be met and that they are maintained optimally over time.

The certificate of habitability is a document that certifies that a dwelling meets the minimum conditions of habitability required by law and that, consequently, it is suitable for use as a dwelling.

Dwellings with economic activities are considered dwellings for the purposes of the habitability certificate requirement.

What information does the certificate of occupancy contain?

The data to be included in the certificate of occupancy are the following:

  • The address of the home
  • The usable area and the number of rooms
  • Rooms and other living spaces
  • Maximum occupancy
  • Name of the requesting technician.

What is its validity period?

It is valid for 10 years and is essential to enter into a sales contract.

Is it mandatory to have a certificate of occupancy?

In any transfer, by sale, rental or transfer of use, including those derived from second and successive transfers, it is necessary to prove that the dwelling complies with the quality conditions, by means of the delivery to the acquirer of the current certificate of occupancy.

Notaries are obliged to verify its existence and incorporate it into the deed of sale.

In addition, the companies supplying electricity, water, gas, telecommunications and other services require the certificate of occupancy for the contracting of services and supplies to the dwelling. It is also an essential requirement to be able to register in the dwelling.


What do we offer?

In Emporda Immo we know that time is money and for that reason, we take care of obtaining the certificate of habitability quickly. Once we have all the documents for processing, our professionals will apply for it and we will take care of the whole process.

We will also monitor the document, since it expires over time, and it is necessary to renew it. The expiration of the certificate depends on the year in which the previous one was issued, and on the type of license (first occupancy, second occupancy or rehabilitation).

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