Real Estate Tipster

Earn according to the value of the real estate sale
400€ – 20.000€

Do you know someone who wants to sell their property?

Refer us and you will receive 10% of our brokerage fee as tipster commission!

Did you know that you don’t have to be an agent to earn real estate tipster commission?

Become our real estate tipster!

We are constantly on the lookout for new properties to market and suitable objects for our potential buyers. The real estate market has changed significantly in our area of activity: a very high demand for residential property is offset by a low supply.

Many families have been looking for a long time and countless prospective buyers come across interesting offers. Rarely have times been so good for owners to achieve attractive sales prices.

Go out into the world with your eyes and ears open!

Ask your family, friends and acquaintances or the neighbourhood if someone would like to sell their property. If anyone is interested in our professional support, please contact us. We take care of everything else: we estimate the market price, advise on the opportunities and the course of the planned sale, plan the appropriate marketing measures, take individual wishes and ideas into account and treat the subject discreetly.

We, as an intermediary, profit from the orders, you from the commission we pay you after a successful sale. After the successful sale, you will receive 10% of the commission we collect as real estate tipster of Emporda Immo – luxury real estate.

Join us !

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Frequently asked questions:

No. As a real estate tipster, your activity is limited to appointing a seller of an interested property. Your task is to establish contact between the owner and Emporda Immo, nothing more. We are responsible for advice and sales.

  • The contact with an owner is established thanks to you.
  • The property is in our field of activity.
  • The owner and intended sale of a specific property to be named were not known to us beforehand.
  • An exclusive brokerage contract is concluded for marketing.
  • We successfully mediated the property to a buyer.
  • The entire commission was transferred to us.

Once we have received the money, we will contact you and ask you to provide an account number to which we should make the payment. You will receive a note by e-mail: the transfer will be made within 7 days.

We are grateful for every tip, every recommendation and every name: depending on our existing options, we also search for vacant properties and try to find the owner. Of course, you will also receive a commission in this case under the above conditions.

Basically yes. Please contact us personally and we will be happy to work out your own marketing campaign together.

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