Energy Certificate

Whether you are going to buy a house and want to have an estimate of the energy bill through the energy certificate you have been given; or if you are going to market (sell or rent) your property and need an energy certificate.


If you are going to sell or rent your property, you need it.

Whether you are selling it yourself or hiring a real estate agency to market your property, you need to provide the energy certificate.

If it is not in the deeds at the time of selling or renting a house, the transaction cannot be carried out: the notary would not approve the contract. This ensures that the new owner or tenant is aware of the possible costs of the property.

Therefore, the owner of the property is in charge and responsible for obtaining the energy certificate in order to be able to sell or rent his house. Thus, this certification must be provided to the corresponding real estate agency in order to appear on the portal, real estate agency or advertisement where the property is advertised.

Similarly, at the time of sale, the energy certification must be included in the sales contract and subsequently handed over to the buyer. In the case of a rental, the label must be shown to the tenant and a copy given to the tenant to keep in the dwelling.

The Energy Performance Certificate is a document that provides two values: energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. This is a useful and important piece of information for the buyer, as on the one hand it will give him an idea of how expensive or cheap it will cost him to maintain a property; and on the other hand, it will inform him whether it is more or less polluting.

What we offer.

In addition, technicians are obliged to offer improvement measures to improve the rating. Providing suggestions in the areas of improving openings, replacing carpentry, improving insulation in facades, adding insulation (either on the inside or on the outside (SATE), improving insulation of floors and roofs. Including reduction of thermal bridges.

It is also recommended that energy-producing systems (heating, air-conditioning and hot water) be upgraded by replacing existing systems with more efficient ones. Or incorporate zero-emission energy production systems such as solar panels, wind turbines, geothermal or aerothermal energy.

Contrary to what many people think, the regulation that determines the procedure for the Energy Performance Certification clearly states that the energy rating of a property must be displayed in any advertisement of the property.

Therefore, it is appropriate to make the certification at the beginning of the process, when it is going to be marketed, and not to wait until the last moment.

We must think that:

  • We will not save anything by waiting until the last minute.
  • We are exposed to a fine, in case the autonomous community carries out an inspection.

We work with all kinds of projects.

Our mission is to certify the energy efficiency of any building, whether it is a flat, house, office or premises.

Whether you are selling or renting, you need an energy certificate.

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