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Get a free estimate of your home’s value and learn more about selling your home.

We know how important it is to buy or sell a property and the factors, also sentimental, that are part of the process.

That is why at Emporda Immo – Luxury Real Estate we offer you an added value: we accompany you, advise you and help you to analyze the real value of your property quickly and easily.

We carry out a free, no-obligation valuation, so that you are fully aware of the real price of your property and the margin you have when negotiating with potential clients.

Although the experiences and memories will remain forever, we must be realistic when it comes to the valuation, and value it fairly in order to avoid subsequent discounts and unnecessary mistrust in the buyer.

For this reason, we work with the best experts, those who will advise you and inform you of the value of your property according to its characteristics, the market and the prices in the area: we analyze the price of your property exhaustively, free of charge and without obligation.

What does the free valuation consist of?

We estimate the average selling price of a property like yours in your area by analyzing statistical and market data, such as:

  • General details of the property: type of house, number of rooms, year of construction…
  • The minimum suggested price and the maximum recommended price.
  • Gross annual return, depending on the area and type of property.
  • Location map with average prices according to postcode.
  • Historical evolution of market trends in the area.
  • Descriptions and graphs of cadastral data of the real estate.
  • Current offers of comparable homes in the area.

Find out the real value of your property with Emporda Immo – Luxury Real Estate!

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