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Usable area VS constructed area

When it comes to buying or selling a house on the Costa Brava or Costa Dorada, two terms that are...
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Show the heart of your home

Show the heart of your home: instantly discover hidden added value by illuminating all existing...
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Valor de referencia

Selling below the reference value?

What happens if I sell or buy below the reference value? The entry into force on January 1 of the...
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Buying a property in Spain with a foreign company

There are different formulas for acquiring a company in Spain, including using an existing foreign...
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What is a deposit contract?

The earnest money contract is one of the most important guarantees for closing a real estate...
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4 ideas to renovate your house in a short time

Paint your house It is clear that depending on the size of your house, painting...
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What is home staging? 5 ideas and tips

Home Staging is the art of improving a house to increase its selling price. Home Staging seeks to...
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Saving on your electricity bill

Sometimes saving on electricity bills can seem like a mythological animal or an unattainable...
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Buying and selling homes with cryptocurrencies

In recent years, terms such as bitcoins, cryptocurrencies or fan tokens have become...
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4 Types of home fireplaces

Winter and all that goes with it are upon us. Cold, wind, rain and for the lucky ones, or not,...
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