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The difference is in the detail.

When you work with a completely different approach than others in your industry, you will always stand out from the crowd. It is a testament to our long-held belief that you don’t have to be a ‘salesperson’ to get incredible results.

There is nothing like a local knowing what the area looks like. Knowing which is the ‘good’ part of a certain area, the sunny side of the plots, is an innate quality of the real estate agency. Emporda Immo – luxury real estate.

The Internet has become the most important real estate showcase: thousands of buyers use real estate portals, social networks and their digital network of contacts every day to find a home. If you want to reach them, you need to get their attention.

At Emporda Immo – luxury real estate we are changing the way of selling houses and apartments in the Costa Brava, Costa Dorada and Andorra. We have replaced the typical poster and flyers on the windscreens of cars by tours virtuales and vídeos 360º.

We only use the mobile phone to call you, because for the photos we have a professional photographer who knows how to get the best out of every house.

Instead of advertising your property on just one property portal, we advertise on all the major national and international property portals and add social media advertising to the equation.

We even have a drone ready for when the occasion calls for it.

You see, we have a plan. Now it’s up to you to decide whether to settle for business as usual, or call us and we’ll give your house a boost so that you can sell sooner and at a better price. 

Sell your property at the best price !

At Emporda Immo, we work for you and we do it with the best professional service. Our team has many years of experience in the real estate market and we know how to sell your house in a way that is not only fast but also appropriate to your needs.

We accompany you from beginning to end.  Professional advice on the starting price. By first analysing the legal situation of the property and advising you on the steps to be taken. Organising the visits, advising you on their optimal presentation to get the most out of them and their subsequent reporting. As well as drafting the contracts if necessary and coordinating with the financial institutions, notaries and notary offices, to ensure that, between all of us, the process is a success.

For your convenience, we have prepared some guides, which will be very useful and which we recommend that you take a few minutes to read. Which you can find in our section ‘Guides’.

Sell your property with Emporda Immo and ask for a free valuation without aby obligation!

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Do not hesitate to contact our team for more information and to start the process of selling your property.

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