Show the heart of your home

Show the heart of your home: instantly discover hidden added value by illuminating all existing features.

Not all homes sell for their full potential value, and that’s often because the best features are hidden or underrepresented. But you can increase the selling price by many thousands of euros simply by showing what you already have.

While furnishings and style play an important role, ultimately buyers pay for the structure of the home, and this is how real estate agents, mortgage lenders and appraisers will appraise the value of the property.

So, from an economic standpoint, it makes a lot of sense to make the most of what you have, highlighting all the existing character and space. When done right, it’s a surefire way to wow shoppers, from stunning online photography to a fantastic visitor experience. And in this week’s blog we’ll show you how to do it.

Believe in love at first sight

When buyers arrive outside your home, those first few moments can decide the sale. Focus on highlighting the natural character of the exterior to start your visits off on the right foot.

  • Try the Victorian art of creating a more expensive look by painting the exterior woodwork in rich tones: it’s a trick that works on any style of house, old or new.
  • Clean the bricks and restore the masonry or paint it with a realistic paint that mimics stone, such as Farrow & Ball’s Stony Ground (or ask a paint mixing center to match the color with another brand).
  • Uncover and renovate the original pathways, jet wash between pavers and tiles, and spruce up the front lawn and plantings.
  • Give the front door a special touch by cleaning and repairing the glass panels to increase natural light in the foyer, and polish metal finishes such as mailboxes, locks and handles.

These first impressions are what really count, so don’t miss the opportunity to get your buyers excited about what awaits them inside.

Surprise your buyers

Buyers automatically look down when they walk into a home, which means the floors get a lot of attention. Their look and feel make a big difference in the visitor experience, so pay close attention to yours to make them feel at home.

  • Could there be original tiles waiting to be rediscovered under the foyer or kitchen floor? Revealing and renewing them will gain you followers.
  • It’s hard to go wrong with hardwood floors, especially original planks and parquet, which look fabulous when stripped and oiled.
  • Deep cleans carpets to rejuvenate their pile, restore their color and remove dark dust lines at the edges.

Finally, don’t forget about the visible floor space. The more space there is, the bigger your house will look, so clear sight lines to windows, remove clutter from the floor, place pots on stands and playfully move or remove furniture. A small change can make a big difference.

Illuminate your rooms

One thing we constantly observe on visits is how people notice the windows. Light is a very important factor for buyers, and the way you dress and present your windows greatly influences the impression visitors have of your home.

  • Make sure curtains open beyond the width of windows and patio doors to allow more glass and light to enter.
  • Replace broken or cracked glass and start cleaning them: it’s amazing how bright everything looks when daylight comes in through sparkling windows.
  • Use mirrors to add depth to your rooms by reflecting the outdoors and further amplifying natural light.

Of course, visits can also take place when it is dark. So, if you have cool white bulbs in the ceiling or light fixtures, replace them with soft-toned LEDs to make every corner feel cozier and make shoppers feel more comfortable.

In search of lost love

While a modern kitchen and bathroom are the main selling points, buyers will also pay more for a home replete with elements from the era in which it was built, whether in the 1850s or the 1950s. So leave no stone unturned to see what you can discover.

  • Look for interior doors that have been paneled to see if you can discover their original style. You could even replace the old wood panels with etched glass to increase the flow of light into your home.
  • Discover hidden elements, beams and interesting parts of the structure by removing the low ceilings.
  • Bring out the details of decorative moldings and ceiling rosettes by removing layers of paint with a light wire brush, then add elegant pendant or chandelier lighting from stores like Next and John Lewis, or head to auction houses to find something vintage.
  • Original baseboards, picture rails, architraves, window frames, doors and cabinets do not have to be painted bright white. In fact, combining them with the color of the walls can exaggerate the size of the rooms and bring a sense of calm.

Finally, a very simple measure that does not require decoration is to thoroughly clean the woodwork: sometimes a good scrubbing is enough to transform and revive its appearance.

Turn your heat into moments

Unless you have underfloor heating, your home most likely has radiators and even a fireplace or two. But are you getting the most out of them?

  • For traditional fireplaces, remove paint from marble, cast iron, wood or tile to bring out their full splendor. Choose logs and fire tools for a functional grill, or style it with candlesticks, art, plants or even books.
  • Contemporary glass-front fireplaces are designed to have no accessories, but if you place a low shelf in front with well-chosen glassware, pottery and coffee table books, you’ll create an elevated, artistic ambiance.
  • Do you have boring radiators? Give them a designer touch by applying an oil paint in a bold, contemporary color, or match them to the walls to make them disappear into the décor.

Remember: warmth comes not only from the heat of your fireplaces and radiators, but also from how you present them and how they add character and style to your home.

What is your next step?

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